Storm Drain Repairs of Drain Structures within Port Area

Overview: In the relentless pursuit of infrastructure resilience, Hiracon Limited takes pride in its role as the appointed subcontractor for the critical “Storm Drain Repairs of Drain Structures within Port Area” project at the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA). With a project worth of 50 million shillings, Hiracon Limited has undertaken the responsibility to manage and execute the repairs, addressing the urgent need to fortify the stormwater drainage system that channels into the Indian Ocean through KPA.

Project Significance:

Critical Infrastructure: The stormwater drainage system within the port area is a lifeline for Mombasa, serving as a conduit for stormwater from the west mainland. The vital role it plays in diverting water away from populated areas during heavy rains is indispensable. However, over time, wear and tear have taken a toll, necessitating urgent repairs to ensure the continued functionality of this critical infrastructure.

Dangerous Implications: The deteriorating state of the storm drain structures poses a significant risk, especially during heavy rains and floods. The potential for structural failures could lead to widespread flooding, impacting both the port operations and the surrounding areas. Recognizing the imminent danger, Hiracon Limited has been entrusted with the task of executing comprehensive repairs to safeguard the community and the port’s operational integrity.

Scope of Work: Hiracon Limited, leveraging its expertise in project management and execution, is overseeing the entire repair process. The scope includes a thorough assessment of the existing drainage structures, identification of areas in need of repair, and the implementation of robust solutions to fortify the system against future challenges.

Environmental Impact: Given the direct discharge of stormwater into the Indian Ocean, environmental considerations are paramount. Hiracon Limited is committed to implementing eco-friendly repair practices that adhere to environmental regulations, ensuring that the repairs not only enhance structural resilience but also promote sustainability in the coastal ecosystem.

The Storm Drain Repairs project at Kenya Ports Authority underscores Hiracon Limited’s dedication to infrastructure fortification and community well-being. With a project worth of 50 million shillings, our role as the project manager and executor is a testament to our commitment to excellence. As we work towards fortifying the storm drain structures, we contribute to the safety, sustainability, and resilience of Mombasa’s vital infrastructure.

Project Details

Clients :Kenya Ports Authority

Location : Mombasa

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