Remand Prison Design in Somalia

Overview: Hiracon Limited proudly stands at the forefront of humanitarian architecture, having been engaged by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to present a comprehensive design for a remand prison in Somalia. This multifaceted engagement saw our dynamic design team spearheading architectural, structural, and electromechanical designs, coupled with Bill of Quantities (BoQ) preparation and preliminary analysis. Additionally, Hiracon Limited is poised to further contribute to the project’s success with an upcoming contract for project management upon approvals and main contract awards.

Project Highlights:

Holistic Design Approach: Our design team embraced a holistic approach, seamlessly integrating architectural aesthetics with structural integrity and electromechanical efficiency. The result is a thoughtfully crafted design that not only meets the functional requirements of a remand prison but also adheres to international standards and human rights principles.

UNDP Collaboration: The collaboration with UNDP signifies a commitment to addressing societal needs through infrastructure. Hiracon Limited, as a responsible corporate entity, takes pride in contributing to the enhancement of correctional facilities in Somalia, aligning with UNDP’s mission of sustainable development and capacity-building.

Comprehensive Services: Hiracon Limited’s involvement extended beyond design conceptualization. From detailed architectural plans to structural blueprints and electromechanical specifications, our team meticulously crafted a comprehensive proposal. The preparation of the Bill of Quantities and preliminary analysis further exemplifies our dedication to delivering end-to-end solutions.

Future Project Management Role: Anticipating the importance of seamless project execution, Hiracon Limited is positioned to assume the role of project manager once approvals and main contracts are awarded. This commitment underscores our confidence in not just conceptualizing ideas but also ensuring their successful realization on the ground.

Social Impact: The remand prison design project in Somalia goes beyond bricks and mortar. It signifies an investment in societal well-being, promoting rehabilitation, and ensuring humane conditions for individuals in the justice system. Hiracon Limited’s contribution aligns with the broader goal of fostering positive change and progress.

Hiracon Limited takes pride in its role as a catalyst for positive change, as reflected in the design engagement for the remand prison in Somalia with UNDP. From conceptualization to future project management, our commitment to excellence is unwavering, marking a significant stride in our journey to shape a better, more humane built environment.

Project Details

Client : United Nations Development Programme

Location : somalia


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